Tomorrow is BIG MAK's Day

March 15, 2009 is Big Maks biggest day. As the start of this year Mr. Makoy officially started his own blog contest that officially started last February 06, 2009 and will end tomorrow. Tomorrow would be the most awaited day of all Big Maks contest participants. As one of the minor sponsor I am really excited to see who will emerge as this years Big Mak Blogger, the one who worked hard to be the number one contender of this exciting contest. Big Mak winner will be chosen by the points he earned during the contest duration and some consolation prizes will also be given that will be choose randomly thru About 61 participants participated in the said Big Mak contest and Winziph not just participated as one of minor sponsors but also try its luck as contest participant. What I love with this contest is that it entitles all participant to be given a chance to emerge as winner though we're not talking about some major prizes here but the consolation of giving some efforts on giving its participants participation. Everybody earns alot from here and I could say Big Mak is a win win blog contest for everyone. How? Its because we learn from it. We gain new friends, strengthen our patience and develop ourselves more as we continue. Two thumbs up for Mr. Makoy for having this wonderful contest this year, can't wait till tomorrow on who would be the lucky one, probably its not Winziph but I am hoping to get lucky randomly pick. Again tomorrow is Big Mak Big Day.

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  1. webmasterphi  

    March 21, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    BIG MAK's Day is a cool contest for bloggers... hehehe... i wish i know it earlier so that i could join it but its too late already...