Philippines - Master Rapper

Francis Magalona
Master Rapper
1964 - 2009

A tribute to the one we called an artist, nationalist, master rapper, photographer, idol and far more I could say one of the best. Probably every Filipino known him as one of the nationalistic Filipino known in our country as of this time. Sir Francis is one good example to all of us Filipino, he is the one to be idolized and be proud of. Mr. Francis Magalona was not just known having its very unique way of music but its being as one proud Filipino. Even though that grief flows all over the Philippines as Mr. Francis M. aka Master Rapper passes, he sets an good example to all Filipino, being nationalistic, guts to fight and go on with life regardless of suffering we may have. Mr. Francis M. is one person who put a big marked within the heart of every Filipino. Sir Francis may missed the Final Set of Eraserheads but I guess here in our very hearts, as just how Filipino patronized our local music industry he will always remain here in our hearts. Heard also from the news that Mr. Francis was planned to be a surprised guest in the Final Set of Eraserhead, unfortunately he just left away. Eraserheads were been a good part of Sir Francis Music career and just as what E-heads promised, Final Set would be a tribute to our unforgettable rapping hero Mr. Francis Magalona. Philippines Master Rapper your the best.

Anyway to those not familiar with Mr. Francis Multiply account heres the link titled a Free Mind. There you would see all Sir Francis' journey. His life, music, designs as well his fight against leukemia. I bet this "a Free Mind" website of Sir Francis would be marked as a legendary site to all Filipinos as condolences from this account floods.

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  1. Hi! I'm Grace  

    March 6, 2009 at 12:38 PM

    Hi... wow! si Francis M. ba yan? Gusto ko mga songs nya eh. :) Tsaka, super ganda ni Maxine. :)