Better than you thought

As I turn our television, play some with my ngage phone, I got into spotting this very inspiring episode from Oprah from where the theme of the show is about talented kids. From where our very own Charice Pempengco of Philippines is one of the guest. One thing Filipinos like me could be proud of. Anyway it has been really inspiring to develop talents especially with kids as well seeing that they enjoy, not depriving their childhood experiences. What got me most interested from that episode is the quote I clipped from Mr. Simon of American Idol as he judges the former Britain got talent, he quoted " you are better that what you think you are " to the 15 year old boy Andrew. Guess Mr. Simon is right about it, well for me it not just applies with people who have known talents but its more of true with all of us. We are better of what we thought we are, we just not notice some of it but believe me we are always better though we sometimes doubt ourselves more, the truth is we always give our best and the best we could be. We sometimes fail and thought we didn't give the best but we haven't see is that we got better and better as we go on. Just believe in yourself and live with this quote we are better than we thought we are.

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