Minimum of Five

Surprisingly I forgot one thing I have to do before completing my registration with my entrecard. That is having a minimum post of five. Being too excited on setting up all I forgot to read their minimum requirements before registering with them. Got a bit shock with the reply that I had received just this time. But with this post, I suppose my request would be soon granted. Being too excited sometimes spoils everything. Anyway what I learn from this is that whenever or whatever you are trying to be with, make sure you read all their requirements, just to make sure that everything will just go fine. Trying to apply the second time around and to make sure I would get this time, slowly but surely I'll try to check the list.

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  1. RevOxley  

    January 28, 2009 at 4:34 AM

    Thanks for rectifying this, you have now been approved...don't forget to read all the TOS to make sure everything else is in order though...thanks!