Arwin Adriano is the official blog site of Arwin Adriano, I am currently working as a full time Auditor here in Angeles City, Pampanga Philippines, a freelance SEO Specialist as well as a part time blogger.

I got this blog name from my former blog site which is I just remove the dots "winziph" charan... I start blogging at the age of 22 for the love with internet so much, then I figure out that I could make money out of it which gave me additional income out of my full time job. Thanks a lot to Big G and to those who believe in my skills.

I admit I am not a good blog writer. I write for the sake of sharing my personal thoughts and for the sake of my readers I am trying my best to check my spellings and grammars.

Arwin is a gadget lover, I really love gadgets, just tell one gadget with me and I'll do everything to search for an answer with that. I am also a gamer, back then I usually play Ragnarok Philippines and Dota but since I am too busy with my offline and online jobs, I have no choice but to quit temporarily. I am not totally quitting playing games since I have my PSP besides me and to cope up with my love in playing games and to stay updated I usually post some game updates about my favorite computer games.

Winziph Blog focuses with internet latest trends from Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Gadgets, Games, Hobbies, some of my personal thoughts and a bit of tips on making money online, SEO, Product Reviews, Adsense etc.

Arwin Adriano Personal Background:

I graduated at Holy Angel University Batch 2007 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Accounting.

I worked as a Data Encoder, Library Assistant, Marketing Officer, Auditor, Graphic Artist, Freelance Blogger, SEO Specialist and a part time Content Writer.

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